Welcome to Japan-Omotenashi will introduce Japan’s manners and lifestyle in order.

Manners at the public bath · open-air bath

At the changing room

Take off all your clothes.(do not take a bath with your underwear on)
Not to use a mobile phone in the facilities.(you could be suspected of being a Peeping Tom)
Into the bathroom,bring a towel only and leave a bath towel.
Not to return the dressing room while soaking wet.

 In a bathtub

Rinse off all soapsubs before entering the bathtub.
Not to monopolize the bathtub.
Not to take a bath when you’re really drunk.
Not to swim or dive in the bathtub.
Not to enter the bathtub without rinsing off your whole body.
Not to soak your towel in the bathtub.
Not to bring food and drink into the bath.
Washing of clothes is not allowed.


Take off your shoes:
In Japanese style houses, Hotels and B&Bs in Japan basically “take off your shoes”.

At meal:
It is ordinary to eat soup and noodles with a throbbing sound, not to be rude.
But to eat western food soup in the same way is also a violation of manners in Japan.
It is normal to eat having a dish in your hands.
Do not bring food into restaurants.

The left body is outside:
For kimonos and yukata, the left body is outside.
Left front is ominous to wear the kimono, so that the left side comes in front.





Separation of garbage:
If trash boxes with illustrations are lined up, let’s throw it away accordingly.

Behavior showing respect for the others.

Loud voice & Noise:

Speaking loudly in public is a violation of manners in Japan.
Loud in train and elevator, phone is strictly prohibited.