Samurai or Bushi

A member of the upper class who formed core of historical japanese armies.

The word “Samurai” has various images associated to it. The most common image that people have of Samurai is of gallant warriors fighting on the battlefield. However, from the late Heian era to the Edo era that spanned for about 700 years where Samurai held political power, the Samurai created their own unique culture and perspective.



Let’s enjoy Japanese authentic natural eels

The number of Japanese eels has decreased recently.
There are only a few retaurants that offer real Japanese eels that are not cultured.
If you would like to eat this genuine eel, please contact “Welcome to Japan-Omotenashi”. We will guide you.
You can not enter the store without an interpreter in English.
The course meal at that restaurant is expensive.
Reservations for more than 6 people can not be made.
You must listen to the stubborn chef’s explanation.
There are an increasing number of cases that treat eels raised in foreign countries  in Japan and  call them ” made in Japan”.
In foreign countries they grow eel juvenile with growth hormone and feed meals mixed with chemicals to remove the smell.
Foreign-made eels smell, so they have to apply a thick sauce to eliminate the smell.





Zen Meditation Experience

Zen meditation experiences for beginners are held in various parts of Japan.
There is one day experience and two days experience with accommodation.
If you are interested or would like to participate,
please contact “Welcome to Japan-Omotenashi”.

Introduce one of them